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  • The Ruggles Club

I read the review posted 5 days ago about the new members posting reviews. I just made my account today, I’m a new member and I thought I would post a review.

I joined poker atlas to find a new place locally to play Poker. I am not fake or here to Slander anyone as the other poster suggests. I just want to share my experience.

I usually play the daily tournaments and have just decided to stop. The management and dealers are getting out of hand. They are rude and try to belittle people. Several of my poker buddies are also looking for a new venue. Ruggles uses the “Private Club” to their advantage. If you complain about how they run things they will ban you. I have seen it done. I am not currently ban just choosing to find a place to play that has the best interest of the game and there players.

I have also seen marked cards as other reviewers have suggested. Not fake, no need to discredit meIm real. Yes I joined today! Just trying to find. New place to play since ruggles lost my business.

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