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PokerStars9119 wrote a review about Ruggles Dayton in Beavercreek, OH

Don't Play the tournaments

I was playing a tournament when I noticed something thick under the table rail in seat 1. I walked to the cashier to report it to the staff. He waited until the break to lift the rail. It was the King of Hearts. He asked me not to tell anyone and he didn't mention it to the players playing. I did as he asked, but now question my silence. A few blinds later I got pocket jacks. I put my card protector on the cards and notice both cards were marked on the side with a mall pen mark. I told dealer who wiped them off and continued to deal with the dame deck. A few hands late I had another jack, this time the jack of diamonds and guess what it was also marked. I asked for a new deck and the dealer said it wasn't necessary.

I have played at Ruggles a few times over the years. I will not play anymore. The place seems legit and the staff seems nice, but they are not able to stop or protect players from cheaters. I would stay away and play in the casinos. It wasn't that someone was cheating, it was that they were made aware and did nothing to fix it or even let the players know. We played almost 2 blinds without the King of hearts and then he was rotated to another table who I assume also played without the card.

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