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Poker Tables:
7 Tables
Mon-Thurs: 11am-2am; Fri-Sun: 11am-4am

Announcements from Sahara Las Vegas

Progressive High Hands - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 11a - 6p
First prize and last prize will be awarded at 12p and 6p for $100. The prizes in between will be $50.

September 13th - Be on the lookout for professional football squares!!!

$2,000 Sunday Freeroll - Beginning 8/9 we will add $1,000 totaling $3,000 every week!!
Players may earn entry toward our weekly Sunday Freeroll events for as little as 12 hours!!!

Start our first game and be eligible Friday to Sunday!!
$100 giveaway for the button and blinds!!

As of 7/28/21,
Hold Em = $22.026!
Now REDUCED to AAAJJ beaten!!

Tuesdays - 1-1 PLO! $50 Min
Wednesdays - 1-1 NLH! $30 Min
Thursdays - 2-3 NLH DEEP stack!
Fridays - 4-8 Mixed!

***Saturday*** 1:00P
$100 Megastack NLH - 10,000 chips, $50 rebuys, $50 add-on!! 20 min levels. Unlimited re-buys. Best value in Las Vegas!!
$3,000 guaranteed prize pool!!

**Daily @ 1pm and 7pm**
$60 NLHE Rebuy - 10,000 chips, $20 rebuys and add-ons!! 20 min levels.
$500/$750 guarantee!

*Wednesdays @ 1pm*
$60 O-8 / Stud-8
$500 guarantee!

Players can earn $2 per hour while logged into a live cash game. Our Poker Atlas comps can be used at every restaurant including Bazaar Meat and Starbucks!

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