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dryrunner wrote a review about San Manuel Casino in Highland, CA

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The casino is easy to find. Get off the CA-210 or the I-215 freeway onto Highland Avenue in San Bernardino, and go North on Victoria. You will drive right into it. Parking is plentiful, and free, though you may have to walk a distance to the casino elevator. The poker room at this Native American tribe casino is way in the back (another quarter-mile of walking). It is entirely smoke free, thank God. Not sure if they charge for alcohol at the table, as I only order soft drinks and just tip the server $2. I advise you hit the gift shop and grab a few snacks to take to the poker table with you, because you do not want to order food at this establishment. I see people order and then say it is not that great when they try to eat it. Also, the fast food options are horrible! I am not a picky eater, but I have been terribly disappointed at three different food stands in this place. I hear the buffet is lousy too. I just go to play, not eat. Also, avoid the other casino games, such as slots, blackjack, or video poker unless you just want to kill time and spend money. Slots are tight, blackjack rules are terrible, and the video poker payouts are too low to make playing profitable or even break-even in the long run.

Now, about the Texas Holdem poker - - The wait board is old-fashioned dry-erase, and you need to stay close or miss your turn. The tables and chairs and dealers are adequate, as is the table service for drinks. The players are the standard mix for this low limit, $2/$4. Some players are loose, even calling stations. You sometimes get a new player who thinks it is good to very frequently raise and/or bluff, like it is a no-limit tournament from TV. But there seems to always be at least a couple of halfway decent players to watch out for, so it is still best to play your starting hands pretty tight, at least when you first sit down. If your particular table turns out to be one where you see almost everyone is seeing the flop, then you can loosen up your play accordingly.

The blinds are both $2, not $1 and $2 each. So remember not to fold the small blind when you can check. For me, that took some getting used to.

The dealers keep everybody honest, without being Nazis about it, and they move the pace at a rate suitable for a low-limit table, which is bound to have novices sitting at it. Not too fast, not too slow.

Bonuses include free tournament play if you get enough high hands and a pretty good cash bonus drawing on Monday night football nights. However, the comp rate is very low - only $0.50 per hour.

San Manuel is the only brick-and-mortar casino within about 50 miles of where I live. It is not the greatest, but it is always there and I am always able to get into a game, even if I have to wait a bit.

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