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AcesNoGood wrote a review about Santa Fe Station in Las Vegas, NV

Great Room, Great Graveyard Action

Pretty comfortable chairs, plenty of cushions, nice atmosphere. Has a coffee/tea area and flat screen tvs everywhere.

I have played both during the day and on graveyard. The graveyard games tend to be full of action and there always seems to be a decent amount of money on the table. The day games are tough, action is slow and if you get raised it's pretty much a guarantee that you are behind. Tons of locals no matter what time of day.

The dealers here range from really good and efficient to pretty horrible. The daytime dealers are very nice and know what they are doing. The graveyard crew seems to be real buddy buddy with the players and are always talking sports. I actually don't mind this because I am a big sports guy and enjoy the dealers actually interacting with the players but I have seen it get out of control where the dealer is actually paying more attention to the sporting event than the poker game. I have also seen the dealers be incredibly rude to players that don't tip well or don't tip at all. Mistakes are few and far between with almost all of the dealers but 2 or 3 dealers make mistakes constantly and actually sometimes I wonder if they have ever dealt before.

Pretty decent. Just a few times it has been bad. Had to wait 45 minutes once because it was" "shift change." Every waitress is pretty nice and they always seem to remember what I drink even though I only come here 3 or 4 times a month.

The Floor here is actually really good, which is surprising to see at a local casino. I play on mostly the swing and graveyard shifts and have been yet to see any mistakes.

$1 an hour just like all the other Stations.

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