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4 Tables
Mon-Thurs: 4pm-4am; Fri-Sun: 10am-4am

Announcements from Saracen Casino Resort

All poker tables are now 9 handed maximum capacity!!!
Masks are now optional for patrons and employees.
Saracen Poker Room is 100% tobacco and vape free.

Bad Beat Jackpot is now active! $5,000 for quads or better beaten! 50% loser, 25% winner, 25% table share! Please see poker room for more details and official rules.

April, 2021 Promotions:
Monte Carlo Board- All Quad's are worth $200 while they last!!! Every Monday at 4pm all winning Quad's from the prior week will be reseated at $200 and any Quad's that were not won the previous week will increase by $200!!!
Monte Carlo Board Eligible Hands and Prize Amounts:
Quad A's - $200
Quad K's - $200
Quad Q's - $200
Quad J's - $200
Quad 10's - XXXX
Quad 9's - $200
Quad 8's - $200
Quad 7's - XXXX
Quad 6's - $200
Quad 5's - XXXX
Quad 4's - XXXX
Quad 3's - XXXX
Quad 2's - XXXX

Note: Once an eligible Monte Carlo Board hand is won it will be blacked out until the following Monday at 4pm. Please see poker room for all details regarding our Monte Carlo Board promotion.

Poker High Hands- $100 High Hands 7 days a week!!! Monday-Thursday from 6pm-12am and Friday-Sunday from 11am - 3pm!!! For a total of $3,600 per week in High Hand payouts!!!

Royal Flush Bonus- Win $250 for each Royal Flush when playing both hole cards, $100 for each Royal Flush when playing 1 hole card, and $100 to every player in the room if a Royal Flush is dealt on the board!!!

Please see poker room for more information.

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The first and only live poker room in the state of Arkansas! Promotions offered 7 days a week with daily tournaments to follow soon!