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TOOOOTHBRUSH wrote a review about Shuffle 214 in Dallas, TX

insane tournament rake

Who plays these insane rake tournaments? Even when the entry fee for the tournament rises the rake doesn't seem to go down proportionally. They are making absolute bank on these 20-25% rake tournaments people with no brain keep playing/supporting.


    We're going to assume you've been playing awhile and want to go back to the "good old days." Are we right? Let's have a little history lesson and let everyone else decide for themsleves first though.

    There was a time when 10% was the standard access fee for poker tournaments, but when that was the case things were different, and I don't think they were "different" in a good way. The WSOP was dollar for dollar so if you played a $1,500 buy-in tournament you got 1,500 chips to start the tournament. These tournaments were also played 10 handed, so you were more crowded and got to play less hands. If you lost a pot in the first couple of levels you were pretty quickly going to have to get your chips in. *whispers* It wasn't better. Structure costs money and tournaments cost money to operate.

    You seem like an enthusiast though TOOOOTHBRUSH, so you're probably aware that Shuffle 214 offers the best bang for your buck in DFW by giving you affordable buy-ins with more chips for the entry fee, lots of levels, post flop play and big payouts. We think you can look at the prizepools and see this for yourself, but we're greatful for your obviously well intentioned feedback and the opportunity to engage on a topic we're pretty passionate about.

    Good luck finding a game you can beat. We'll be pulling for you.

Announcements from Shuffle 214

DFW started earning chips for entry to our $25,545 MegaRoll on March 17th. The top 81 qualify to play and we've got a Main Event Seat up top for first place.

*20 hours of play = 5k in chips

*5 tournament entries or $60 add-ons during the freerolls = 5k in chips.

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