Silver Sevens Casino formerly Terrible's

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thisguy74 wrote a review about Silver Sevens in Las Vegas, NV

Low end and profitable if you are willing to play tight No-Foldem.

2 tables at the end of the pit. The edging isn't attached to the table and lifts easily. I saw a card get lost under it and we pulled apart the table to get it. It is not unpleasant, it is just not really a room.

The players are mostly folks that think they are better than they are and act as though they are experts. If they were experts they wouldn't be playing 2-4LHE at Terribles. There is typically at least one "mouth" at the table telling everyone what they should have and shouldn't have played and subsequently getting mad (and beat).

Only 2 dealers one was fine for speed and accuracy. The other was slow on the deal. The below average was that they didn't control the game and let the "mouth" yap at everyone too much and they didn't always enforce the basic etiquettes for play.

I said it before and now again... they are fast here! Probably every 20 minutes or faster they are back. Nothing top shelf (it is Terrible's after all) but the girls are prompt. Not every player tips regularly so these ladies get the short end of the stick seemingly often.

Friendly folks. No issues here. They immediately started working on opening a table when asked to do so. They checked in and made pleasant conversation

High Hand Jackpot every 24 hour period starting at noon. $100 seed money from the casino. Highest hand starting at minimum Quad jacks wins the prize. The jackpot carries over to the next day if no one wins. Free buffet for not many hours logged of play. Granted the buffet lives up to the casino name.

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Zeluob wrote a review about Silver Sevens in Las Vegas, NV

Easy Money

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