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photoc wrote a review about Silverton Casino in Las Vegas, NV

Comfortable place to play

This has the be nicest looking little room to play in. The table layouts are beautiful, the chairs are comfy, they have 4 huge plasma tv's and 1 GIGANTIC one in the middle of the back wall. My only complaint which drops this to a 4 is that the tables are way too tight together.

Overall these guys didn't have a clue and called down with pocket 5's with 5 overcards on board and stuff like that. Then they'd complain about someone being tight and not respecting anyone! A few locals that knew what they were doing were in the game to feed off the fish though.

The dealers are all brand new. But they are improving. They are friendly and will chat to a point with the players.

The servers kept drinks coming faster than I could drink them!

One of the shift managers was brand new and didn't have the answers to some of the questions I was asking. One thing I didn't like is only the players that have cards at showdown can request to see a called hand, not the normal rule of anyone dealt in can request it.

1.00/hr which is about average with a players card. The system is going in place very soon, but they are keeping track of what you play now. No room rate yet, no bad beats (thank god).

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