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Jgarcia2160 wrote a review about SoHo Poker Club in Houston, TX


I played here regularly (100+ hrs month) since April. I wrote a very positive review in July because I was very content with the establishment. So soho was basically the regular game I played 6 days a week. There was a change of management a few days ago and even though I was disappointed to see a good manager leave, I was still content that A person I knew was going to take the reigns of soho. I had played several sessions with the new manager at soho and other poker rooms. I congratulated him and was very supportive that I even brought 2 of my close friends to play there. Here is the issue, a person who has recently started playing there owes me money. To be quite honest I gave up on ever getting to see that money again. But that doesn't mean I don't have a great dislike to be around that individual. I am not about to sit at the table and lose money to him, nor generate pots for him. It just rubs me the wrong way and I know other people would feel the same. So once I caught word that he was affiliated with the club, I simply told the manager "if he has stake on this place, I'm done playing here". So that's what happened. 2 days ago leo approached me in a hostile manner saying "why am I talking @#$%!"... is asking for my money talking @#$%? So he threatens me with "ima @#$% you up!" In front of everyone yesterday. Even said "what the @#$% are you doing here?" He went as far as to follow me to my vehicle, threaten me and the manager was outside watching him do this! In my opinion, if a player is threatening another player, you as a manager do not allow the hostile individual to follow the other person to their vehicle! But Roy allowed it. Sorry but that is negligent because anything could have happened, just a few weeks ago the security guard was shot by some random guy that was drunk. So I was escorted off the premises yesterday after I had been playing for several hours. Leo walked in, threatened me, told employees he was going to kick my @#$% for "talking @#$%" (asking for my money) soon after the security guard comes up to me, tells me Roy wants me out of the place. No reason given. Wouldn't even tell me himself. I was a bit disappointed because I have been loyal to that room weekly and am always there to help the game get started. It is obvious Roy has not managed an establishment before because he allowed that type of hostility to occur with one of his regulars. When I texted him asking if Leo was affiliated, he could have said "yes he is" and that would have been the end of it, I wouldn't of came back. But instead he allowed his buddy/partner to create unnecessary threats and an unpleasant moment for myself and the other players. Not once have I ever created any type of altercation at soho, never asked anyone for money, or made a fool of myself in any way shape or form. Other players have noticed and have decided to no longer play there because of Roy's decisions. I did not ask them or try to persuade them in any way to stop plying at soho it was entirely their decision. I'll finish with do i owe anyone money? Yes. I owe Jeff from poker warehouse $350. He lent me at times up to $700 on multiple occasions, and I have always payed him back. The last time he lent me money he brought it to me without asking because he knew I was good for it and wanted me to either lose more or to have a fair stand on a hand. I told him I was going to pay him in a couple days, between those days I tried to collect from Leo money he owed me and Jeff did not allow that. Why? Because Leo was also affiliated in his game. Played with house chips or maybe he had a bankroll but the day leo had the money in chips to pay me Jeff took it because Leo owes him money. That didn't stop me from paying him, I stilled planned to pay him but he started harassing me after I was a day late on paying him. Even then I was going to pay him, but he decided to start talking @#$% about collecting from my wife and that he would do this and that... bunch of bs. And the. He ghosted next, blocked me and that was that. I do have his $350 in my pocket, he even said "I will come down to soho and get it" I said fine. But where Leo comes in is that I told leo, just pay Jeff the $350 out of what you owe me (Me being petty) ... I don't dodge my debts. If I owe and don't gVe it, I'm straight forward about it. But I just don't ghost people. Or threaten them when they ask for their money. If I was making decision at soho, I would make sure I take care of those who are loyal and primarily focus on their well being. Not allow hostile environments to brood, or bring on board people that are only going to hinder the success of of the poker club. A manager should consider the facts and not just go by what his buddy told him in private. The prosperity and integrity of the business should come first, not the personal power-trips or personal agenda of the manager! Soho still has plenty of good people there, baldy, dealers, great set up, but very poor management.

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  • The situation has been taken care of the person you mentioned will not be allowed. Players will get upset and say things that are uncalled for. My priority is to keep my poker venue safe. If you have a change in heart, you are most welcomed back. The issues that happen outside of SOHO stays outside. I can understand you are upset but I am here to make it right if you decide to return. SOHO is where the action is at.

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