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HT0WNP0K3RTRUTH wrote a review about SoHo Poker Club in Houston, TX

Get it together!

There’s 4 of us who’ve played there 2-3 nights a week since it opened! The place is nice, the parking is great, the tournaments had great value and were fun, customer service was good, and it was ran well! But the last 4-6 weeks have gone to complete @#$% and we are so disappointed because we loved it there!

But,My husband, my best friend, her husband, and I won’t be back! Rob getting fired was a good decision because he was hardly there and when he was, he just sat behind the desk and sometimes even fall asleep! We don’t know why Dex left, but we witnessed how much that guy cared about the place, the players, and the staff! He was constantly trying to get feedback so he could improve the players’ experience. He was the glue that kept the place together. Because the minute he left things just started falling apart little by little and we saw it slowly happening right in front of us, and I hope y’all figure out how to fix it.

If it were me, I would do whatever I could to get that guy back. Because with Spades getting ready to open, your window for damage control is literally right down the road!
My husband wrote out this list and told me to add it to my review because he wanted to at least give his take and hopefully it helps you with your new club. Plus he doesn’t want to go to Mint, but he’s not really left with another choice. At least until Spades opens or there’s a drastic change at soho!

Problem(s): 1) No one knows what they’re doing! 2) Tournament values are horrible for players, because they’re basically paying $30-$40 for buy-ins less than $100 and they’re re-entires! 3) Customer Service from management to waitresses have tremendously gone down! 4) Your texts and what you post on Poker Atlas are different 50% of the time! 5) Things are constantly changing from rules to tournaments! 6) I don’t feel safe because every time we come, go out to smoke on a break, or when we leave, your security guards either looking down at their phones, talking to the girl behind the membership counter, outside smoking/talking, or sometimes just not there! 7) Your managers and dealers are hardly on the same page with rules, buy-ins, starting stacks, etc! 8) When we win, we get paid at a desk that everyone is constantly passing by or gathering around!

We hope this helps and good luck!

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Announcements from SoHo Poker Club

Winter tournament series starts 11/30.

Main event: 25K GTD---$10K GTD 1st Place - Total Buy-in: $60

Current Promotions:

Bad Beat Jackpots!
Progressive NLH updated daily, 1K NLH, 1K PLO, 500 Tourney

Happy Hour:
Players in by 1PM receive Happy Hour all day and night!

Only $6 per hour!!!

Please reference the below document or call/text 832.416.4020 for more information

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