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I am in the top three for hours played in this room for the past four or five months. I will never go back after hearing how the new owner allowed a player Leo threaten another player in front of everyone. Jaime was told to not come back. He has played in that room for months with me and has never had any issues with any players and is well liked. Ask any dealer in that room and they will tell you he is a nice guy and causes zero issues. I'm pretty sure Leo has some business going on with Roy the new owner. I don't know how else this could be allowed. I voiced my opinion that this is wrong and I wouldn't be back. I was told take care. I will be playing poker at Mint and Prime from now on. These guys won't get a dime from me ever again.

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  • Correction: both players were at fault
  • It is unfortunate players will get upset with other players. I never allowed anyone to threaten another person at SOHO or anywhere else. I told my security to ask Jaime to leave to defuse the situation. Both we at fault but I am not here to take sides, I did talk to the person you mentioned. He is aware that he can not return to SOHO. I had too many complaints about the person you mentioned and I have to do what is best for my customers. You are definitely one of my best customers and it's very unfortunate to see you not return. The door is always open for you. For the record, you did win many high hands which gave you a free hour of cash play each time. The drinks and snacks at SOHO are complimentary and we only charge $10 an hour for the seat rental. You have purchased the monthly membership which in return is a great savings. If you decide to come on back to SOHO and free monthly membership is waiting for you. Thank you, Roy

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