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Sunday-Wednesday 12pm-2am; Thursday-Saturday 12pm-4am
HT0WNP0K3RTRUTH wrote a review about SoHo Poker Club in Houston, TX

Night and Day!

We heard there was a change in ownership and management at SoHo and our group decided to go play the Friday tournament since it has always been a great value and lots of play. I am absolutely glad to report that the room has done a complete 180!
We found out that Dex has taken over the operations and he has always been one of the most friendliest and respectful people in the Houston Poker Community.

We were beyond impressed when walked in and saw Dex and 2 other floor supervisors in suits, 2 cash tables and a 3rd one before the tournament ended. Everyone seemed to be having a great time and even the staff had a more positive vibe to them. We can certainly say that SoHo is on track to be one of the most enjoyable place to play in Houston.

Dex has done a wonderful job in turning the club around in such a short period of time and we definitely want to give him the respect and credit that he greatly deserves, because we all see how much effort and time he puts into his craft and how much he cares about the people who work and play at SoHo.

We would hope that anyone who stopped going there because of the previous management and their negligence and unethical behaviors and practices, go back and see the difference for themselves. Because we have witnessed the tremendous amount of change in the atmosphere and you won't be disappointed!

We were also told that they will be running tournaments every day, having bigger and better promotions and reward programs and eventually a re-grand opening, which we are definitely looking forward to. There's also rumors of a possible Spring Series consisting of 7-9 different events! We will continue to frequent SoHo now that someone who has integrity and knowledge of the business is in charge. Thank you for making SoHo a great place to play again!

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Bad Beat Jackpots!
Progressive NLH updated daily, 1K NLH, 500 NLH Tourney

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Players in by 1PM receive Happy Hour all day and night!

Only $6 per hour!!!

call/text 832.416.4020 for more information

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vz123 wrote a review about SoHo Poker Club in Houston, TX

Good room

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