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10 Tables
Sunday-Wednesday 12pm-2am; Thursday-Saturday 12pm-4am
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voldog69 wrote a review about SoHo Poker Club in Houston, TX

Like the room

I've been playing here for the last couple of months and I like this poker room! The staff are all nice people and are polite. The review that King Dewey posted the last time is totally false. This person must have lost a lot there lately and is venting. The things that he is saying is totally false and he sounds very bitter. I have never witnessed any of the things that this person speaks of and I'm there up to 4 days a weeks. When he pisted in May of 2019 he had nothing but good things to say. He obviously has had a bad run and is trying to blame the staff for his run bad. I do not always win but I don't try to blame others for my bad luck. Sad. This is not the busiest poker room in Houston but it's a nice place to play. I travel for a living and I play all over the country so I know a bad poker room when I see one. This is not a bad place to play. Try it for yourself and don't listen to bitter losers and form your own opinion.

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2K NLH, 1K PLO, 500 Tourney

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Players in by 1PM receive Happy Hour all day and night!

Only $6 per hour!!!

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