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1/hr. comps. REEL Flops: When the flop is trips or the full (5 cards) community board is suited a $50 splash pot will occur on the next hand. There will be a bonus splash added if the REEL Flop occurs between 9am-noon, 4pm-6pm and 10pm and midnight. There will also be an added splash pot when playing 4-8 limit and higher and 2-5 NLH and higher or any PLO. . Holiday Drawing on 12/22, qualifying starts 11/23, win drawing tickets with qualifying hands. $205,000 Winter Freeroll: Jan 1st – March 31st: 120 hours to qualify, bonus money for additional hours played. Play 240 or more hours and receive more chips for purchasing an add-on. $40k for first place. All qualifiers receive $120. Fully Loaded Flush Fridays: Make a 7 card flush in Holdem or Stud & receive jackpot payout. Jackpots start at $500 & go up $250 every wk. South Point Pair Days: Next one is Queens on 12/12, Kings on 12/31 and Aces on 1/1. Win up to $1000 when you improve with the designated pocket pair. High Hand payouts for quads or better in cash games & tournaments. Bonus payouts when playing 4-8 Limit Holdem or higher, 2-5 NLH or higher, 4-8 7 Card Stud or higher. Free hot dog w 1 hour of play M-F between 10am-4pm

South Point Details

Located not far from the main Las Vegas Strip, the South Point Hotel, Casino and Spa has a well-proportioned poker room that spreads more than 20 tables of your favorite games. Limit and no-limit hold’em make up the bulk of the South Point’s action, but this still includes a variety of full blind and half-kill choices. Mid-stakes Omaha high (with half-kill) is also known to run regularly.

As you play at the South Point, you earn $1 for every hour of poker action taken. Speak to a poker room host to start earning points that can be swapped for South Point merchandise, free meals, spa goodies, discounted rooms, and more. Comps are tracked on an electronic system, which joins the room’s automatic card shufflers in helping to provide fast action. As the poker room was refurbished at the start of the millennium, meaning the room isn’t as worse for wear as some other rooms in Sin City. The South Point enforces a strict non-smoking policy to conform to Nevada health and safety laws. The design of the poker room includes carpets and walls endowed with lustrous gold and rich coffee colors. Comfortable padded-back swivel chairs are at all tables, with large television screens at viewing height all around the room. These relay information during tournaments and display South Point promotions during the peak times of cash-game activity.

he South Point has received global attention from poker fans as one of the hosting casinos for cult poker TV series High Stakes Poker. Still thriving on this fame, The South Point poker room also offers a complete line-up of daily tournaments. These are split between Omaha, NL Crazy Pineapple and No-Limit Hold’em. There are fast paced turbo tournaments and deep and steep games that favor the players with the patience to outlast competitive fields.

$200,000 Holiday Freeroll: Qualifying starts September 1st and goes until November 30th. 120 or more hours of play and there are 3 double hour sessions.

FOOTBALL PROMO: Football squares for Sunday morning, afternoon and evening games and Monday and Thursday night games. Each quarter is worth $100 and final score is $200. Players earn squares by making Aces full or better. Random seat drawings after scores will be held during Thursday night, Sunday morning and Sunday afternoon games. Winner receives $50 for a field goal, $100 for a touchdown and $200 after a safety. NFL Fleece Blanket giveaway during Sunday, Monday and Thursday night games. These are fleece NFL team blankets. One will be given out for the high hand during the game and a second will be given out in a random seat drawing at 11 p.m.