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Rich_R wrote a review about Strat in Las Vegas, NV

Best value in town for tournament play

Although not a room off by itself, and a bit of a walk from the main entrances, the tables are well spaced, the chairs comfortable and the noise level acceptable. The staff keeps things moving and pizza at the first break of the evening tourneys was a happy surprise, until you start gaining weight. Some tables are higher or lower and some have stock auditorium chairs but still okay for a four to five hour tournament. Great structure allows you to get a read on the players and much decent hands if you feel like it. No complaints.

A mixed of locals, some pros and tourists. Early actions makes it easy get reads on maniacs and nits/rocks. Not a lot of retirees and not many calling stations. Good players can enjoy success quite often. A nice place to play regularly (I play three maybe four nights a week when running good). Most tourneys end in a three- or four-way chop as blinds get stiff after the third break. No ante structure is very nice compared with other rooms. Good place for intermediate players who get lucky like me.

I have had but one bad dealer who refused to give me a count of an all-in overbet to my bet. Aggressive player had me covered but I wanted to know how much he might have behind to judge his thinking. I had to ask three times for a count while the dealer just ignored me until I requested the floor then he counted out. I eventually called and won the hand leaving the overbetter the short stack. I cashed and he didn't. Left a bad taste in my mouth although it didn't affect my tip, but I did let management know what happened. Dealer was from the east coast so maybe I should have just called.

Every 10 minutes or so. Correct orders. Nice servers. No complaints.

Best in town. They learn your name quickly and make you feel welcome, not just another buy in. Seems more like a poker club than a casino poker room.

Not a cash player but their proprietary online free gaming offers points and qualifiers into live tournaments. Beats getting nothing.

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