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Allierium wrote a review about Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale, AZ

Best of the worst

If you want to go to the best poker room in Arizona here it is.... BUT....
1. Rake is high
2. Dealer takes the small blind immediately
3. Table service comes around maybe once a hour unless you specifically ask
4. You can't talk at the table about the hand so if you want to poke at the person you are heads up with, out of the question.
5. You are rushed. Every time action is on me at least one person and the dealer are both telling me it's my turn and will repeat it. So if you want to take time to think about your hand and what your opponent has you will @#$% off a lot of people at the table.
6. Most of the players are retired Scottsdale residents who are older and either only play monster hands or will play 7 . 2 off suit every time they get it. Using basic range and call strategy seems to be a joke here.
7. Chairs suck.

Basically sit down, shut up, wait for a monster hand and profit.
Bring music or a cell phone because the table side conversations suck.

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CMN wrote a review about Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale, AZ

Don't Go!

There’s bad and then there’s terrible. This room definitely is terrible. Used to be one of my favorite poker rooms to... Read More