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NitReg wrote a review about Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale, AZ

Very strange rules

First of all the players in this casino are not very good. You got to sit around and wait for the nuts. If that's your thing you might like it. Most of the dealer and staff seem friendly and competent. Food and beverage servers however are not. The food is cheap and not bad. They have USB Outlets at the table and free Wi-Fi. These Pros do not make up for the list of cons and retarded cash game rules:

1. There is a $500 Max betting limit on every street and there can only be 3 bets total on any Street. Good luck with your sick overbet Bluffs.
2. You get a grand total of 10 minutes to Lobby before they pick you up. That's right 10 whole minutes. Hopefully you won't need to take a huge dump.
3. When they call your name from the list you have about 10 seconds to respond or you will be skipped. That's right 10 seconds. I'm not joking.
4. $2 jackpot rake. Bonuses are laughable and most of them are only available in tournaments?
I don't understand this.
5. They take a dollar from the small blind before the flop. May as well just play in L.A.
6. In the 3/5 game you are allowed to bet in increments of $1. Just flat-out retarded
7. Coffee tea and soda is comped but you must pay for a bottle of water. Wtf is this.
8. If you want to play 5/10 and up your name will be on a separate high-limit list which is all the way in the back of the huge room. This just makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. And $300 Buy in Omaha is considered high limit.
9. The chairs are cheap 4 leg non-adjustable comprable to your average kitchen table chair. I hope you don't have hemorrhoids because there is no seat cushions anywhere.
10. The tournament structure is so fast the blinds basically double every level which is 20 to 30 minutes long for a $300 tournament.
11. You can not call in and put your name on the list. You must come in person and hover around the podium to make sure you get your seat in the 10-second window that they call you in. This is just bad service.
12. If you buy chips at the table, the dealer will announce how much you have coming but will not throw any Lammers to indicate the amount.
WHY TF NOT? So when Joe grinder puts you all in because he wasn't listening with his headphones on now there's going to be an issue. So if you just give some random guy your thousand dollars and he walks out, there is no indicator that this money was meant for casino chips. Just flat-out dumb.
13. The list will be 9 deep or more but they won't start the game. I was on a 5-10 list with 9 names for hours and they never once checked it down to start the game. When I asked why, I did not get an answer just a shrug.
14. 10 minute Max Lobby time yet no third man Walking rule in effect. Huh???
15. You couldn't think of a better name for the casino? I mean really. What a stupid name.

The casino itself is fairly small but was Lively. Lots of bars and decent restaurants with live music on the weekends. If you come here I recommend enjoying some of the entertainment and nightlife or maybe a round of golf because the poker room is garbage. If you play 40/80 limit or bigger I'm sure it is great but the spread limit is crap.
Disclaimer: I did not win any money here and lost a buy-in. But this did not tilt me nearly as much as the dumb rules. Perhaps the Arizona State Championship is good but I would not take the trip out here for cash games unless you play limit.

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