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HangsWithBoys wrote a review about Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale, AZ

Women beware!

My hubby and I stopped by to play some poker while between family members homes for the Christmas holidays.

We were sat at the same poker table by a side entrance (I mistook it for an employee entrance at first glance).

My purse sat on a table between us. A “gentleman” came, hooked his toe on the table and slowly moved the table back, picked up my purse and BAM - out the perfectly situated side door he went.

I noticed almost immediately; I know I know, my fault for not hooking the purse up.

Here’s the negative.

Due to what was INSIDE of the purse we opted to contact the sheriffs department to file a report.

While still being treated appropriately, we knew the casino staff was not happy with this decision. Little did we know it would affect the outcome of the story.

Funny thing, an officer went to that same casino ... where they had ALL OF MY INFORMATION to find my info after finding my purse (it was found a week later not far from the casino in a dirt ditch). The casino had “no reports” of my stolen purse. You see, they were upset that I had contacted the sheriffs department so they discarded my CONFIDENTIAL information which in turn made it VERY difficult for the sheriffs department to find me.

The officer noted a Gold Star Mother ID card and made it his mission to find me.

No thanks to the security team at Talking Stick ... my purse was returned minus the cash inside. As a woman poker player, I will NEVER feel comfortable going to this poker room UNLESS I clip my purse to my side. I mean, how many purses are found inside of a poker room? I’ll answer for you ... not many. Nice snag Mr criminal, too bad you missed the value of the purse (over $2500) the iPad ($600) was still charged (in fact I’m writing the review on it now) the $5000 (yes thousand) dollars worth of medication YOU MISSED OUT ON oh and I got my Gold Star Mother card back ... if you wanted the money I would’ve gladly handed it to you ... women DONT SIT IN THE FRONT OF THIS ROOM ... AND WATCH YOUR PURSES.

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