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Please dont believe these staged reviews saying this room is so superb, cause it really isnt. Room looks nice but just cause you have a nice room doesnt mean u have a great room. Owner has house players that are staged to get cash tables going and keep them sustained. There are way better rooms in the city. Cash games are trash, none of the people they attract from their "not really" freerolls dont even stick around for cash even after being offered freetime to make a cash table happen. How does a room with so much money invested and a ginormous take advantage of the market of freeroll players and charge them 20 bucks a head for a 2 or 3k freeroll tourney and have the rebuys and addons make the prize pool. They are raking 30 to 35 pct from the tourney with the entry fee to the tourney. Only thing room has going for them are freerolls that really arent free rolls. Choose other rooms if ur looking for a solid and more stable place to play

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Announcements from Texas Card House North Houston

New Buyins, New structures, better tournaments!!

Player Appreciation is Saturday and Sunday November 16th and 17th
FREE PLAY from Noon on Saturday until we close on Sunday!
Open around the clock Saturday night!


New game added for Monday!!
1-3 PLO at Noon!! Carryover from the action packed Wednesday game!


Heuer's MUG - 7:00PM Thursday, November 7th, 2019
$1-$3 No Limit Holdem
$100 Minimum Buy-in to $300 Max to start
Match the big stack after game is established


Play 4 Hours of Cash Game on Wednesday or Saturday this month and receive $15 credit


EVERY Monday and Wednesday: 1-3 PLO @ Noon

Every Thursday: 1-2 w/$5 bring-in PLO8 @ 2pm

NLH EVERY day of the week!!!!


$100 Button Draw Monday-Friday for the 1st 1-3NLH table at 3:30pm SHARP

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