• Texas Card House North Houston

Great room clean upscale they cater food every night bar great staff the dealers are very good and knowledgeable the security team is alert and escorts everyone from the location It's a nice drive but well worth it

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Heuer's MUG - 7:00PM Thursday, October 17, 2019
$1-$3 No Limit Holdem
$100 Minimum Buy-in to $300 Max to start
Match the big stack after game is established


Play 4 Hours of Cash Game on Wednesday or Saturday this month and receive $15 credit


EVERY Wednesday: 1-3 PLO @ Noon

Every Thursday: 1-2 w/$5 bring-in PLO8 @ 2pm

NLH EVERY day of the week!!!!


$100 Button Draw Monday-Friday for the 1st 1-3NLH table at 3:30pm SHARP

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