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4 Tables
Mon-Thurs: 6pm-2am; Fri: 4pm-3:45am; Sat: 3pm-3:45am; Sun: 3pm-1:45am
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There are only 2 tables as of mid 2017. Cash games run everyday. Buy in is $60-$300. There are tournaments usually every second Saturday at noon. Buy in's vary from $60-$500 but are usually around $60-$110. So the game is alright Lots of the same regulars but there are always new faces and weekends are good. This is the strictest Casino Iv ever played in. Pit or player can call your hand dead if you misrepresent your cards/show them to anyone else. Etc. Best to read the house rules. Also very strict about people that appear to be drunk,swearing, or to loud. They run a tight ship. Kicking out people is what the security do. Once you get past the house rules it's a nice little casino. And there is a bad beat with no rake. The house pays!

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