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disgrace and discriminatory And Chip Stealing

Over 370k Chips I'm Chip Leader and Player in seat one Raises My Blind and I called all in by placing My Highest Stack of 25k chips In that Covers The players Chip Stack.. Instead of counting this Huge Pot and making sure Chip count is good as all professional dealers do( Side note this same dealer cost me my tournament twice with funny energy and style of dealing but I let it slide and remain professional) The Dealer takes chips from My stack and puts it in pot and didn't touch the other players chips. Says okay and dealt the card with out officially count chips so there is no issues and doubts to the bets being counted and covered. Player one has KQ Diamonds and I had KQ Hearts and player one hit flush in Diamonds.. Okay I said good hand player and moved on to next hand only to hear dealer say.." you owe 50k plus chips More including the 180k bet of player one and I'm like how??? I put in bout 200k in 25k chips I'm Chip leader by far every player sees and know this and he tells me he counted it and that's what I owe and knowing that it would leave with 20k ... Now I clearly see the fix is in and there's a Young Lady dealer who watch what happened and said to dealer you took out chips from he's stack before counting his stack .. dealer says I know I took the chips he owe to the pot.. but I'm like I didn't owe any Chips I called his 180k all in bet.. Manger comes over and asks what happens it's explained and he says he's going to check the tape.. mind you no one sees the tape so how can we trust that what you said actually took place??? To add to this point he came back and still had the count and situation wrong.. The Young lady dealer who was a player said wait the purple chips you grab and put in the pot belongs to him( me she pointed out) and he got snubby and said technically as he took 5 1000 chips and said this is owed in the pot and he owes this... and we looking like what?? And I'm just sitting quiet like you gots to be @#$% me? And he count up what he thought was correct and left me with 20k I was Super @#$% cause this was 2k freeroll but a lot of add ons and rebuys putting first place at 1800 or so.. I'm clearly 1st place Chip leader.. So I'm telling you now they cheat and steal at this place.. they stole money from me in disguised as Rake from a huge Bomb pot cash game.. Older Lady dealer said it was limit Holdem like huh this is no limit .. oooh sorry she says thought is was and only gave me 245 dollars back.. 9 players at the table 5 dollar bet from every one... I'm not the smartest in math but that's 40 minus me in the pot and I raise 40 on Flop and Turn and called all in on River with full house on bottom board and only one player called both times that's 80 plus 40 in blinds .. so 120 is my earrings how I get back 245? And I started with 200? That's 320 back .. So if your not favored by them friends and especially if you black and this is not about race but it's the energy you can see for sure.. you will be take. Advantage of.. In the Beginning of their opening they was fair and honest ... Very respectful but once the business picked up and a lot of money came in and those who they know and spend big money with them was showing up that's when stealing in pots bad errors by dealers started happening and it's now a Rat hole for sure

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  • Thank you for your response/review to our establishment. Let me first address that there is absolutely NO stealing of chips and/or foul play. We are a private club that strives to be fair. We respect the game and never compromise the integrity of poker. We apologize if you felt that you were "cheated" and rest assure, our dealers are going through constant training to help better the process. If management was called over to assist in the situation, we assure you that it was handled correctly and the issue was resolved for betterment of the game. We hope to see you in our club again and although we are getting busier, we value each and every player. Thank you again for your review.

Announcements from Watauga Social Lounge

Watauga Social Lounge is temporarily closed.

Tarrant County Sheriff Game Room Regulations Department ceased $200k cash (including the $132,840 prize pool money that belongs to the tournament players) and all of W.S.L equipment   

For the members who received a citation, please send your contact information to

We have a meeting on Monday with an attorney for legal representative for all tournament players who receive a citation from the Tarrant  county sheriff’s department, and to get back the $132,840 that belongs to the tournament players.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has cause to our members, to our staff, to the poker community and to the city of watauga.

Thank You for the love and support we have been given. We hope to open back up soon.

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Total Mess

Sunday was the first day I've seen they had no security guard. Then, people busting out of the tournament were told... Read More