Bigslick60 wrote a review about Watauga Social in Watauga, TX

Very Nice Room

Ample parking, very nice room on the inside!
Lounge area to wait on your seat, nice bar.
Servers and management was very friendly and helpful! Tables are nice but didn't care much
for the chairs, they seem a bit hard for my liking.
I hope the room is successful since I live about
7 miles away. I don't know why people want to
play the UG rooms and pay super high rake, makes no sense to me. Check this place out I think you will like it!

Announcements from Watauga Social Lounge

Watauga Social Lounge is temporarily closed.

Tarrant County Sheriff Game Room Regulations Department ceased $200k cash (including the $132,840 prize pool money that belongs to the tournament players) and all of W.S.L equipment   

For the members who received a citation, please send your contact information to

We have a meeting on Monday with an attorney for legal representative for all tournament players who receive a citation from the Tarrant  county sheriff’s department, and to get back the $132,840 that belongs to the tournament players.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has cause to our members, to our staff, to the poker community and to the city of watauga.

Thank You for the love and support we have been given. We hope to open back up soon.

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ac2758 wrote a review about Watauga Social in Watauga, TX

Total Mess

Sunday was the first day I've seen they had no security guard. Then, people busting out of the tournament were told... Read More