Poker Tables:
7 Tables
Open Now (12:00pm - TBD)
Minimum Age:
10:00am - TBD
12:00pm - TBD
12:00pm - TBD
12:00pm - TBD
12:00pm - TBD
12:00pm - TBD
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TheGameKat wrote a review about Westgate Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV

What an enormous chandelier!

I'd never been in any part of the LVH before, so wasn't sure what to expect. I certainly was NOT expecting to walk into a poker room with a thumping great chandelier and a private poker players' bathroom.

"How posh," I muttered, as I sat in the bread-and-butter game of the room: 1/3 NLHE.

It turns out the poker room used to be the high-limit Baccarat room, hence the splendid decor and most convenient convenience in Vegas. It's cleverly situated down a couple of steps that keep it somewhat secluded and smoke-free, but with a large "POKER" sign facing the table games and bar that seems to draw in casual traffic.

I've now played multiple sessions in the room, partly to qualify for the two freerolls the room offers each week. These promos, which I like a lot, do tend to attract a smattering of local nits, but either I've gotten better over the last year or so or the nits have atrophied to become completely non-threatening. Add some conventioneers and the action is pretty good.

Cocktail service is occasionally a bit slow, but management is good about chasing them up. The orange juice is actually orange unlike some recently-deceased rooms and the perky cocktail waitress didn't look at me funny when I ordered a Campari and soda. There is no table food service, but the nearby deli is decent and takes comps straight off your player's card so there is no mucking about with bits of paper.

Dealers keep the game moving and the room manager and shift supervisors all know what they are doing. Friendly, professional and accurate floor decisions.

Overall poker at the LVH is a pleasant and profitable experience.

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Announcements from Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino

Football square is back! Get a football square for Flush or better(both cards must play and must be a winning hands)Each quarter is seeded at $50,and cap at $500.

Our Bounty Tournament is a $65 buy in. Each Bounty is worth $20. There will also be an optional $25 add-on available at the end of level 4 ($25 for an additional 20,000 chips). Come join the fun!

Our $45 Tournaments on Fri. (1:05pm & 7:05pm) Sat. and Sun. (12:05pm, 7:05pm) have an optional add-on. It is available at the end of level 4. $45 gets you an additional 30,000 in chips. You must have chips to get the add-on!
Come visit each Thursday at 2pm. You can meet The Trooper97 ( Vlogger) from 2pm til the last player leaves.
Our Weekly Loyalty Promo! Play 30 hours live game get $200 from Monday 10:00 am till Monday 9:59 am .(To be paid Monday Eve After 4 pm)
Comps are $2 per hour. Promos: Quads=$100, Straight Flush=$200, Royal Flush=$400!

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