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JREwing78 wrote a review about WinStar Casino in Thackerville, OK

Overall positive experience

Played 1-2 here over the weekend. My first visit. Generally, I will say I had a positive experience. Like most places, the 1-2 game is very soft with lots of limps and overplayed face cards. You don't have to work too hard to make money as long as you play mechanically and pay attention to who's in the pot.

A couple of negatives:

No food at all and cocktails aren't free. Free self-serve sodas though.

They have this weird practice of immediately taking the small blind off of the table and putting it into the rake. I'm not sure why it can't wait until after the bets are all in, because it makes the pre-flop action a little hard to follow. Not a huge deal, but definitely annoying.

This brings up a petty complaint that I have about a particular dealer. I was in the BB and the action comes to me. The dealer says, "$7 to play". I look around the table and everyone has limped with $2 and the SB has $6 in front of him. What had happened was that the SB forgot he was in the blind and tried to lead with a $6 bet, but since the house had already taken $1, it was technically a raise to $7.

I'm confused for a second and softly say to no one in particular, "How is it $7?" I quickly figure it out but as I fold my BB the dealer scoffs and says, "Don't worry, I'm usually bright about these things."

I know it's a petty complaint, but it @#$% me off and was not a great example of friendly customer service.

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