No WSOP in 2020?

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I'm going to be upset if there's no World Series of Poker this year. This dreaded virus is going to keep us cooped up forever!


  1. I'm optimistic since it has not officially been canceled just postponed 🙂

  2. I read somewhere that the WSOP is supposed to be held this fall. Where and when it did not say.

  3. Would you be upset if you died from the Rona?

  4. @yjbrewer no cus he’ll be dead

  5. I heard the wsop may be online this year instead of live

  6. Possibly this fall at the Rio

  7. LVG
    • LVG

    @boombastic yes guys are flying out to play this week. I wouldn’t fly to Vegas just to play online but that’s just me. Couple of my buddies are staying till September they said

  8. @LVG you have to be in a gambling state to play online or country. But yes the wsop is all online and started a few days ago. All types of bracelets up for grabs too bad stuck in Houston.

  9. rio is definitely closed. lm