Favorite Poker Rooms


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One of the Best in Vegas

A beautiful, clean and well run poker room ... along with the entire casino and property. I almost feel like dressing... Read More

Great room in many ways

The South Point gets dumped on by some for being a "locals room," but there is plenty of good action except for the... Read More

Average room in many ways

The Horseshoe poker room was very busy when I was there (in June, during the WSOP). The room is simply an average... Read More

Crowded and Cramped

Playing at the Bellagio is like entering the cathedral of poker, and most everything is good except the cramped... Read More

Better Than Expected

From recent reviews I was cautious (as a tourist) approaching this room, but I was pleasantly surprised. Playing... Read More

Common People Not Allowed

The aloof and nasty Aria Poker room wants higher limit poker players only. The smallest no limit hold 'em game they... Read More


This room is on life support at all times except the 7pm tournament time. On weekend nights it can get going a... Read More