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Does anybody play at the Kickapoo Casino in Eagle Pass, Texas regularly ?
Or been there before?


  1. I was there a loooooooong time ago, but that was literally around 1995, so I don't think I can help, lol. What are you trying to find out?

  2. @JonFriedberg I will be taking my first trip up there in a couple of weeks... I just wanted to know how the game was compared to other casinos. I read on their official page that 2/5 NL is their minimum NL table.. I called the poker room a few days ago and they said they run 1-2NL daily and that 1/2 is actually the most popular... I just wanted some info on what to expect out there.
    Thanks for the reply.

  3. @abercheese70 Well good luck out there. Wish I had better info to share, but my advice would be to do exactly what you did. After you go, please write a review and/or trip report and let us know how it was!

  4. @JonFriedberg Thanks, and I will.

  5. @abercheese70 It is not a 1/2NL game. It is a spread limit game. 5-500. max bet is 500 and it is capped at 3 bets per round.

    @abercheese70 are you from El Paso?

  6. @rollingstone I played there last Friday and Saturday. Their most popular games are 1-2 NL (300 max) and 3-6 Limit. Only games available actually, 8 full tables. (One 2/5 NL on Saturday). Locals said a 5-10NL does happen on Saturdays usually.

    I am not from El Paso.

  7. I've played here -- back in October, 2013. I flew from Boston to Houston and then drove the 5.5 hours. Since it's the only legal poker room in all of Texas, I felt obliged to try it out at least once. I found it to be a well run room, with good tables, chips, cards, and good lighting. I think the room would be profitable for the highly skilled player -- even though the rake is higher than the $4 maximum I think should me the most anyone charges. There were virtually no good players in the $1/2 game I sat in; and the $2/5 players were only marginally better -- and increasingly drunk as the night went on. I recommend this room, and the $2/5 game in particular,to good players who are willing to ride the roller coaster than wild players often bring to games like this. The $1/2 game is even more beatable -- especially if you play tightly and aggressively, diminishing the impact of the relatively large rake.