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  1. Henderson is Heaven

    To the World Series of Poker visitor to Las Vegas, Henderson is a place to pass en route to the Hoover Dam, if it is even noticed at all....

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Best of Many Great Rooms

This is a great room, extremely well run, with a very welcoming staff, run by a former dealer who designed it. It's... Read More

Great New Room

Huge opening day, extremely well handled. All people on deck including bunches of folks signing people up as members... Read More

Like a great home game!

Paul is in charge -- and he sits in on the games. Reminds me of playing stud at the El Cortez with Jackie Gaughan... Read More

Great Room

I played here on a Sunday night. It is a vibrant, well-run room with a friendly and relaxed vibe. Free drinks... Read More

Best in Las Vegas

It's the biggest, and in my opinion, it's the best in Las Vegas. A full variety of games is offered -- even stud in... Read More