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Of the 411 public poker rooms I've played in, this is among the top five. I've been three time. There are beautiful well-spaced tables (with power jacks and cup holders) excellent lighting, extremely comfortable, adjustable chairs, a high ceilinged, well ventilated space. Absolutely no smoking. The rooms management is as fine as I've seen, providing the room with extremely competent direction. The bathrooms are extremely clean, well maintained and, frankly, beautiful. There are the expected pluses and minuses of a new room. Dealers vary in quality from the best I've seen (recruited from other rooms) to the humorously slow and inexperienced. But hey, I've got to cut them some slack as they're still being broken in and weeded out. Comps are modest, at $1 an hour. The rake is high-average ($5 +$2 on low limit) to extremely high ($9 a half hour for $20/40 limit and $5/5 nl). Parking is free with validation. Drinks are free. Waitress service is, for now, spotty. Sign in is quick and efficient-- and available remotely through Poker Atlas. There are many excellently reviewed restaurants that I haven't yet decided to try out because of the expense -- quite high. The salads, burgers and sandwiches in the $15-20 range on the poker menu look fantastic -- as they are brought to the table. The $1/3 games I've frequented have been as juicy as the games were at MD Live, Parx, and Hawaian Gardens when they opened. This place is as good as it gets.
They don't have tourneys yet. And though they have NLHE up to $10/10 and $25/50, they don't consistently get stud lower than $20/40. But better variety than all rooms but Commerce.

Promotions and Comps
Food and Drink

Announcements from Encore Boston Harbor

-High Hand Promotion:
November 1-26
Noon - 10 p.m. ALL weekdays
$1,000 every 20 minutes
(eligible Texas Hold'em games)

November 27
Noon - 10 p.m.
$2,000 every 20 minutes
(eligible Texas Hold'em games)

(Valet cannot be validated with poker play)

Schedule posted through November.

Are now available for use at casual food outlets.
(Poker Grill, Bru, Garden Cafe, On Deck Burger Bar, Red 8, and The Buffet)
Please see Poker personnel for information on how to activate your comps.
(Must be done BEFORE each purchase)
Thank you all for your patience with this matter.

Active for all raked Texas Hold'em games.
($2-5 NLH and below)

Available for all games except $1-3 No limit.

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