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deleted51190 wrote a review about Encore Boston Harbor in Everett, MA

So Much Misinformation

To correct some of the false statements made in previous reviews, the rake at $1/$3 and $2/$5 is indeed 10% up to $10.

The promo drop is $1 (i.e. $10+$1maximum) UNLESS there is a high hand promotion running, in which case they take an additional $1 at $30 in $1/$3 games and at $50 in $2/$5 games (i.e. $10+$2 maximum) Like it or not it is now industry standard for poker rooms to increase their promo drop during promotional periods. These promo funds are all redistributed back to the poker community so it is rather uncharitable to call it "rake."

The floor staff and dealers are generally excellent. As with any room, you have some not so great people mixed in with the really good ones. You're rarely going to get a blown floor call and if you do you have recourse because Massachusetts has an actual gaming commission.

If you want to compare Encore's rake to the rooms in New Hampshire, consider that Encore gives the player $1 an hour in comps. Also consider that drinks are free while in NH drinks are sold at bar prices.

Also, in terms of action, the $1/$3 games at Encore are not remotely comparable to anything in NH. On a random Monday at noon you can walk into Encore and find 15 $1/$3 tables each with well over $5k on the felt and not only are the games incredibly deep, you will be eligible to win a $500 high hand every 20 minutes with AAA22+

Or you could go to a room in NH and sit max 8-handed with a bunch of nitty $100 shooters folding for KK+ and $1,200 on the table.

The only downside to Encore is long wait times on the weekend and drink service can be anywhere from excellent to slow to nonexistent.

Anyone saying the $1/$3 games are unbeatable due to rake should come take a look at these games with 9 or 10k on the table. Or talk to some of us regs that make a living crushing these games daily. If beating the rake is impossible then there's a whole bunch of us working miracles every day.

Promotions and Comps
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Announcements from Encore Boston Harbor

EBH Poker is Open 24 Hours Every Day!

June Promotions

Sun High Hands
11am to 8pm $500/Every 30 minutes
8pm to 12am $300/Every 30 minutes

Mon High Hands
11am to 3pm $500/Every 20 minutes

Tue High Hands
11am to 8pm $500/Every 30 minutes
8pm to 12am $300/Every 30 minutes

Wed High Hands
11am to 8pm $500/Every 30 minutes
8pm to 12am $300/Every 30 minutes

Thu High Hands
11am to 8pm $500/Every 30 minutes
8pm to 12am $300/Every 30 minutes

June Tournaments-Registration opens 1 hour Before Tournament Starts
Mon-4:15pm $300 25k Chips/20 Min Levels
Wed -10:15am $300 25k Chips/25 Min Levels
Fri- 10:15am $420 30k Chips/25 Min Levels

BAD BEAT JACKPOT $107,517.01

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