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  1. poker

    Have the smaller poker rooms in Vegas closed, Flamingo, Excalibur, mirage. Does anyone know ??? heading out next month

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So let me get this right, 420 dollar tournament on Friday and they take a little more then 7 grand off top. Are YOU... Read More

fun Time

I was just out in Vegas and I thought the place was great, relaxing place to play. Wish they had non-alcoholic beer... Read More


Tell me when they add 9 more tables, 150 people waiting on a friday night smh. Maybe then they could have tournaments... Read More


Pre-Covid, The nicest poker room by far in New England, now what the heck happened. I have heard every excuse in the... Read More


I have been reading the reviews and I think it is a very nice poker room and play a few times a week. My wish is the... Read More

2/6 spread

Was their this past week and really liked it a lot. The regulars were like vultures on some of the tourist player... Read More