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16 Tables
Mon-Fri, noon-1am; Sat-Sun, 11am-1am.
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Announcements from Chasers Poker Room

February Promotions
Mystery High Hands from 1-8pm $6,000 in total prizes. 8-10:30 bonus period $500
Omaha 1k high hands 2pm-7pm and 6pm-11pm. From 6-7 high hand is eligible for both periods!

Fish Hook High Hand*
Fish Hook High Hand + Jackpot (Jackpot increases $100 every 60 minutes)
Hit JJJJ with a pocket pair and WIN the Fish Hook Progressive
1-10pm: $500 high hand every 60 minutes.
Late Night Special Bonus High Hand, 10pm-midnight, $250
The Royal Treatment
Get a Royal win $300! Flop it and get $1,000! (Must use both hole cards)
10K Chase IS ON!
Omaha 2K Progressive Weekly Chase! Each Friday we add 2K to the
Omaha Chase and reduce the hand qualifier.

Catch of the Day Progressive Jackpot + High Hand (Jackpot increases $50 every 30 minutes) Early
Bird Special Bonus High Hand 11am-1pm $500.
1-10pm: $300 high hand every 30 minutes.
Late Night Special Bonus High Hand, 10pm-midnight, $500

Rolling High Hands, 1-10pm, $500 every hour; $300 bonus rollover each hour for best unbeaten
high hand 
Bonus High Hand, 10pm-Midnight, $250.

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USB charging stations at every seat on every table.