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Announcements from Chasers Poker Room

Mystery Monday, Presidents' Day - Feb. 19
From 1-10pm, high hands every half hour. Winner picks out an envelope. Event is doubled, over $13,000 given away.

SUNDAY – Catch of the Day Progressive Jackpot + High Hand
1-8pm - $300 every 30 minutes (High Hand)
8pm-10pm - $500 every 30 minutes (High Hand)
Catch of the Day Progressive (increases $50 every 30 minutes)

Monday - *NEW* Omaha Monday Progressive Jackpot 6pm-10pm
$400 Initial jackpot increases $50 every hour.
*NEW TOURNAMENT* 6pm, $120+5 (15k+5k), 20-min blinds

Tuesday - *NEW* Fast Money Tuesdays High Hands
$250 every 15 minutes! 4pm-9pm

Wednesday - *NEW* Beat the Boat Wednesdays Progressive Jackpot
Lose with the qualifying FULL HOUSE and Win a minimum jackpot of $1,500!
Jackpot increases $100 every hour. 12pm-Midnight.
*NEW* 6pm! $95+5 Mega Quickie Tournament (20K+5K) 15-min blinds

Thursday *Rolling High Hands*
1pm-10pm $500 Every Hour
$300 Bonus Rollover each hour for the best unbeaten high hand

Friday *10K Chase Qualifying Hand Reduction*
Constantly available to be caught 7 Days a week!

Saturday *NEW* Omaha Straight Flush Progressive 6pm-10pm
$400 Initial Jackpot, increases $50 each hour.
*NEW TOURNAMENT* 4pm, $100+5 The Hundo (15K+5k) 20-min blinds

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USB charging stations at every seat on every table.