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Foxwoods has an extraordinary poker room with more than one hundred tables and a full complement of different games (including stud from $1-3 to $75/150) and varied limits. The rake is 10% up to $4 max with a $1 bad beat/high hand jackpot. Comps are between $1 and $2 a game--more if you are a frequent player. There are multiple daily tournaments as well as large multiple major tournaments including a WSOP event each year. I play here regularly.
So why do I think the room is going downhill?
For one thing, though there is still a lot of action, it is considerably less than it used to be. Mid-week, typically, there is a paucity of tourist and otherwise casual players and a plethora of locals, grinders, pros, and semi-pros. The lighting is awful. The bathrooms are not nearly as clean as they should be or used to be--and they are sometimes awful.
I don't care about alcohol but the casino has cut back on free beverage service by eliminating name brand alcohol. Similarly, from what I gather from the frequent players and high rollers, they have scaled back considerably on their perks and comps.
All that being said it remains a room among the top echelon. It's just not as great as it used to be.

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