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  1. bad beat

    What constitutes the bad beat at Encore , Everett
  2. Holdem -cash -levels

    We all know that when you go up in cash game levels , 1/2,2/5,5/10,10/20 ,there's better players and bigger bets. But ... is the play b...
  3. Past Foxwoods Live Streams

    Is there a way to search for past live streams from Foxwoods?

Recent Reviews

Royal Flush

We know Royal Flushes are rare , but when hit it's a nice feeling. Would like to see The Brook to give players... Read More

Poker Room

I have been coming to Foxwoods for thirty years and playing poker at Foxwoods for 11 years. It's the best managed... Read More

not enough tables

It is a sin that Encore is not opening up the poker room with more tables. The wait list is sitting for all games to... Read More

lousy hours

Poker room needs to be open 7 days a week and a lot better hours. Encore management is not doing anything for the... Read More


As many, not happy with the number of tables and the hours of the poker room. Encore needs to respect the poker world... Read More

Poker Room

Great Poker Management , many many great dealers. Foxwoods Poker Room is my home poker room. I travel 1 hour 55... Read More

Larger Facility

Would love to se Chasers move in Salem to a meager building. This would help in bringing tournaments to The players... Read More

Bad Beat

Would like to see on one of the monitors or one of the TVs have the Bad Beat posted and visible. Where the Bad Beat... Read More

my review

Nice Poker Room, need to get used to 9 player tables vs 10 player tables. Plays a lot different. There always seats... Read More

Foxwoods Poker Room

Good poker room to play in. Would like to see high hands backed off a IT and the bad beat jackpot start growing like... Read More