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Mostly being a tourney player, I always look for good deals when I'm on the road. I was up in New England recently and hung out at Foxwoods for a few days.

For the most part these are very well run tournaments and a good value. Structures are very good and they're all a pretty good price point. The bounty tourney is always a blast as long as you don't let the bounty chip blind you into making bad decisions which a fair amount of players there do. I don't know if they're just in a hurry to get into the survivor tourney or what but you certainly see some interesting plays in there.

Speaking of the survivor tourney, it was ok but it gets a little ridiculous toward the end with all the chop offers flying around. I ran into this at Borgata as well. I wish when they did these they'd limit the deals to one or two left but I guess you know what you're in for when you sign up.

But overall I had a great time at Foxwoods and would recommend playing there for tourneys. Thanks for the great experience.

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