Cold decked for 4 days

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I broke my ankle 2 days before our trip so I was 'stuck' at Ballys. Not that I really minded, I like the staff and really like the competition. Usually. The first day gave me an indication of how the trip would be. I play mainly NL with some limit here and there. In the 6 hours I played the first day, I got pocket K's 4 times. Lost every time. I didn't try to slow play them, I raised or reraised as needed. Now, this is why I usually like Ballys. People will call raises with worse hands. Yeah, sometimes they suck out but eventually you get their money. Not today. Down 600, I decided it wasn't my day.

Next day I get down to the poker room and its just me and this old timer from Florida waiting to play. He asked if they'd deal heads up 3-6 and they did. We played like that for a little while(sick) and players eventually trickled in. I got on the NL list and by then the bloody marys were starting to kick in. My results are usually better if I've had a few drinks, loosens me up I think. I played that days tournament and took 8th out of 4 tables. Don't remember one hand but decided to slow down on the drinks a little. After busting out, got on a table and proceeded to win back yesterdays losses plus a couple hundred. Played 15 hours and only left because my head hurt so bad.

Third day. Wedding day. Can't play too much today. This is where it really got bad. Played 6 hours before the wedding. Consistently bad cards. 9-3, J-4, 10-5, all day. When I did get a premium hand and got to play, I lost to a better one. No suck outs, just cold, cold cards.
Went and got married and new wife got sick and went to room. Whats a guy gonna do on his wedding night in Vegas? Down to the poker room by 8pm. Proceeded to get same kind of cards as before. Well, I'm here to play poker. 18 hours and a lot of money later, I give up. Tried moving tables, seats, breaks, everything. Cards wouldn't come. Kind of became the hard-luck mascot. Go get a couple hours sleep and wife now wants to go play. After her initial shock at how much I lost she tells me limit only from now on. That can be fun too. And I won't lose as much. You can probably guess whats coming. No, I don't lose some more. I get the most unreal cards. Flopping nut flushes, boats, straights, with 8 people betting into me. Besides my wife and I, only one other player at the table has even heard of poker. My wife must have gotten my luck for that session because she lost every hand she played(not to me, I've learned to fold WHATEVER I have when she raises). Within 2 hours her money's gone, and she now hates poker too. "Lets go". I know better than to argue.

Last day blues. I finally feel I can walk somwhere else(remember my ankle). We go to Flamingos room and play 2-4 for about 4 hours. She ends up about 50 ahead. I lost my last 100. But...I played every single hand no matter what my cards. Hey-it's my last day. So, playing like that, having 100 bucks last 4 hours isn't too bad.

For the trip, I lost pocket Ks 7 times. Aces twice. Just got 2nd best hands all week. Ugly.

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