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  1. Learning experience

    I'm not the second coming of Phil Ivey. Nor am I a poker virgin, but I learned an awful lot during this trip. This was my first time pl...
  2. Cold decked for 4 days

    I broke my ankle 2 days before our trip so I was 'stuck' at Ballys. Not that I really minded, I like the staff and really like the compe...

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What a surprise

Tables were fine, chairs were fine. Kinda noisy but I felt good playing here for some reason. Maybe one person at... Read More

Bring your Ipod

Tables were pretty nice and so were the chairs. It's a little open so there is some noise. I only played omaha... Read More

Worth a shot

They were doing some construction nearby. Got to breath drywall dust for 2 hours. Other than that it's just an... Read More

No one there

2 in the afternoon, no players, no list, friday. Probably tells the story there. Not worth a walk or cab ride from... Read More

Pretty people playground

Atmosphere couldn't be beat..If you're under 30 lookin' for a good time and don't really care about playing cards. ... Read More

Good times

A little small, but good tables and chairs. Had the best time playing here even though I lost the most here. At my... Read More