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fishbonesoup wrote a review about Luxor Casino in Las Vegas, NV

What a surprise

Tables were fine, chairs were fine. Kinda noisy but I felt good playing here for some reason.

Maybe one person at the table to watch out for. Everyone else is too worried about their money to gamble. Pretty easy to push people out of pots.

Personality-wise, they were pretty good. Didn't talk too much but did actually interact with the table a bit. A couple were a little too concerned with the games on TV.

Not attractive. They did seem to come around pretty quickly, though.

They were always welcoming to me and my wife. Even when she showed up by herself. (lots of rooms seem to ignore women) They always remembered our names and asked about the other of us if only one of us showed up.

The hourly high hand jackpot is pretty good. $150 to the high hand of the hour, full house or better. Didn't inquire of other comps

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