Poker Dad's week with 23 year old daughter trip to Vegas part 3

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Up @ 6.30 have a hike plan out at Red Rock Canyon for 8am.
Been out to RRC myself 5 or 6 times, first time for my daughter.
Previously have hired a private tour guide, but on last trip went out with the new Geologist at RRC Nick who was great and it was free, so we are schedule to do a hike of about 4 miles or so and should last 3 hours.

Get to the RRC a 15 minutes early and one of the ranger sends us to drive down to area to meet Nick and we drive down. We reach the stop and when I have a miissed call from Nick who has left message they are meeting outside the park 2 miles down from park entrance. This is a problem in that RRC is a loop that is one way one for 13 miles great views but you can only go 20 to 25 miles a hour.

Talk it over with Linz, who seems just as happy that we missed the tour, but will get out and take a little hike to please her father.

So off we go. Now we have food, water, and all the supplies.
But, I have never lead a hike but feel we should do fine. Go about 1/2 mile and we have a decision to make good or easy trail 1 1/2 miles or take the difficult rated hike with a scramble of 2 1/2 miles. We chose the difficult scramble to the top of Trutlehead Canyon. It took almost 2 hours with water and snack stops on the way. It was not easy, and several times it got very difficult when we lost the trail but we pressed on to we reached the top.

Ir wasn"t good, it was truly great. We had lunch, took pictures, and just took in all the beauty that surrounded us. Could see Vegas off in the distance, pictures to come once daughter shows me how. Coming back down is even tougher than going up. Twp happy hikers, when we got back to car.

Now I did mention my daughter is a NFL fan. She very much wants to watch MNF. So its clean up a little pool time and off to have her check out a couple casino's and see the game.

We head down to Pallazzo new sport lounge. It is very nice, no place to sit, so we walk around to view the different rooms etc. no idea what food and drinks cost but it first class. Both now ready to eat so we drive to Wynn so she can checkout casino etc. Eat Zoocrackers 40 bucks for two little overprice for the food and drink but the deli is top shelf. Do the walk around and if you go to Vegas seeing the Wynn should be on the 2 do list. Wynn is first class all the way. We stop to Linz see how craps is played at 10 min, guy at end of table is on a roll and is betting 250 or more on each number and more on his pass line.
He makes 14 numbers before he craps out. Now the playerrr. is smoking a cigar and the smoke is getting bad, Linz, turn to come out. Place 10 on pass line, six on come out. Player puts down bewteen 1k to 2k on the board. Yep. next roll 7, and we hit the road a 10 loser at Wynn.

I really like to play my poker, but just too tired to push on. Working from condo, on Tuesday getting up @ 5 so its off to bed and poker will have to wait till Tuesday afternoon.

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  1. what is the name of this site? All Vegas Hiking? All Vegas Craps? Save it for facebook and tell us a poker story... either that or quit calling yourself "Poker Dad"... A A A K K

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    Wow,....really?....the story is under the heading of "Las Vegas Trip Reports"...half of your posts are regarding blackjack and partying in vegas.....go back to 2+2 :unamused:

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    Touche!! ... or is it Douche??!! I didn't do so well in French... lighten up, just having some fun...