Recent Reviews

High hand jackpots

Roped off area which attracts many easy newbie players. Doesn't matter if you're playing 2/4 limit of 1/2 NL, if you... Read More

Opening day at TI

Classy and hip....not so big where you felt like a number, very cozy with an awesome touch from the paintings on the... Read More

1 pm tourney

a bit too much in the open, but otherwise OK Lot's of newbies just getting into town for the weekend. A few strange... Read More

Well-run tournament

spacious, you weren't getting bumped by someone getting up at the table behind you, non-smoking strictly enforced,... Read More

On the rise....

Just off a main walkway from where "Splash" let's out...good for attarcting new players after the show and others... Read More