Profitable trip for once


Got into town around 10am, checked into my room at the TI and immediately headed to the Bellagio to eat at the buffet there and check the action as they were having some WPT events there. Buffet was great as usual and I was able to see and meet a lot of pros. Didn't play there, but instead went over to Caesars for their 200 buy-in noon tournament.

The structure they had for the tournament was great and the competition was also very good. I wasn't running well at all and when I finally hit a hand I got sucked out by two other players due to me not betting the flop.

Like I said I was running really bad and was down to just 3800 of my original 7500 chips everyone starts the tourney with. I was dealt pocket 2s on the BB. Fourth position raised just 500 pre-flop and the button and small blind both called. I probably should have made my move then, but just called (first mistake.)

Anyway, the flop comes 2,5,9 rainbow. SB checks and I check hoping to go over-the-top on a raise (quite possibly all-in.) Nobody raises (of course) and I have to see another card.

Next card naturally is a 3 and the SB checks. I had to find out so I raise 1000. Guy behind me folds and the button goes all-in. I'm then done with the hand until the SB calls his all-in. I then figure that I'm dead to at least one wheel, but I already have about half my stack in the pot and that I could triple up if the board paired. I was also itching to either get going in the tourney or buy into a good cash game so I call. Both of them have a 4 as it turned out and the board didn't pair. On to the next casino.

My next stop was the Venetian where a huge tournament was going which allowed me to watch even more pros in action which was fun. I then bought into a 2-5 NL game and played for about 4 hours and lost 300 dollars which wasn't all that bad considering how I was running.

The table I sat down at was tough. There were to Middle-aged Asian ladies with huge stacks who were complete bullies and obviously local. The lady with the biggest stack would only play 1 out of every 15 hands or so, but when she did she would push the action so hard that I don't think I saw her cards even once for the entire session.

There were some tourists at the table, but they were tough as well. I loved the room, but the table was very tough for me and I got out of there, eat dinner and off to the Wynn to play poker while watching the MNF game where I put a hefty chunk (880) on the Ravens +25 against the Pats.

Needless to say the MNF game when very well for me as did the action at the table. My goal was to play real tight and just enjoy the ambiance, drinks and the game, but I started hitting some great hands. I was playing 2-5 NL and bought in for 1300 (no max buy-in at the Wynn.)

About two hours in I'm dealt the rockets in the BB. I have a raise of 50 dollars in front of me with 2 callers. I then raise another 100 and get two of them to call. Flop comes and it's about what you'd want to see with the rockets with 2, 8, Q rainbow.

I bet the flop 75, next position folds and the guy behind him raises another 200. I wasn't real scared of a set since I'd seen this guy bluff with that play twice before. I immediately go all-in and the guy calls immediately and turns over pocket 8s of all things! Anyway, I'm then up about 1500 just like that with my football bet looking great. I'm a happy man.

The rest of the night went well as I started playing in the bully mode those two Asian ladies were playing at the Venetian. I was sitting at a very fun table with a big lady from England who was a complete hoot and not a bad player. Another lady and three locals who had a good joke for everything. I really enjoyed the company and they didn't get all bent-out-of-shape when they got beat.

One of the guys I sat by was a real pro who spent about half the time he was there scouting out every table and telling me how the action was and which players I could take and which ones to stay away from. I preferred to stay at my table though since I was running well and enjoying the company.

I feel the action may be better at the Wynn since everyone who stays there is very rich and there just to have a good time and not grind. When you take 400 from them they don't care all that much and just buy-in for more. That's why I think so many locals flock here. There was so much action for a Monday night that you got a bit of everything and every type of player there is.

Anyway, I played until 2am and started making some bad plays which I usually do when I get tired. I walked across the street to my room at the TI and went to bed very happy and up about 3000.

I woke up and for some reason wanted to redeem myself at the Caesars noon tournament. This was my biggest mistake of the trip as I had an awful experience there my second time around. I talked about my experience in my review of Caesars, so won't rehash it here. Needless to say I'm probably never going to play at Caesars again.

Anyway, I got busted out of the tournament after only 2 1/2 hours or so and immediately went back to the Wynn where I played again all night.

This time around the going wasn't nearly as good. I bought into a 2-5 NL game for just 800 and lost all of it in my first 3 hourse. I re-bought for another 800 and was able to double-up through some very tough play and went to bed even for the night.

All-in-all it was a great trip. I highly recommend the Wynn to anyone. The room has a little bit of everything and has a very good feel to it. The Venetian is a nicer room overall, but the Wynn feels more like the way a poker room is supposed to feel.

I'll be back very soon and will probably be logging all of my time at the Wynn from now on. It's a room that is almost entirely focused on any cash game you can afford. The second night I was there they had no less than 7 2-5 NL games going with about 5 1-3 NL, 3 5-10 NL and a 10-20 NL. There were also about 6 limit games scattered around, so no matter what your game you had a very good selection.

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  1. If the flop was Q, 8, 2 and he turned over pocket 8's then that make a set - right?? Have the rules changed where AA beats a set??

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  3. @Dobber2330

    Yes. Yes, they have.

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    just curious - why is his post-count = 0? Doesn't first post count as 1?

  5. @Gman

    Hmmmmmm, maybe he worded it funny... could it be possible he lost all his money to the set of 8's... then... wins $1,500 from his football bet?

    That's the way I originally interpreted it when I first read it. *scratches head* :confused:

  6. @Poca

    just curious - why is his post-count = 0? Doesn't first post count as 1?[/quote]

    Maybe the only posts that count are ones where you don't lie?

  7. if you make a trip report it is always placed in the TR forum, so if poster dosen't have an account he'd have a post count of 0

  8. he forgot to say the turn or river was an "A" giving him the set over set pot

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    thanks :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

  10. Good report- seem to miss steps along the way but a good report-

    Sounds as if the Wynn room was really jujmping with all of those NL tables going.

  11. Dude didn't hit his set. Flop had a 9, not an 8. My apologies. Haven't read the discussion, but no, the guy didn't hit a set and my rockets held up. Sorry about the confusion.