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  1. Profitable trip for once

    Got into town around 10am, checked into my room at the TI and immediately headed to the Bellagio to eat at the buffet there and check the...
  2. Pre-Christmas Trip

    I got to Vegas at 5pm on Friday, made some sports bets and immediately registered for the Venetian 7pm tournament. As I've learned and m...

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Tough room

I love this room's ambiance. It's just about perfect I took this room for about 2000 on my last trip and was... Read More

Best Tournaments anywhere

Perfect just about sums it up I just played tournaments there on this past trip simply because they're the best... Read More

very soft room

It's just a roped off area of the casino, not really a room. I didn't really mind, however I played from 10pm to... Read More

Best Room in Vegas

The poker room at the Wynn was just like everything else at the Wynn; Classy. My only complaint would be the... Read More

Second-best room in Vegas

It's difficult to imagine how a poker room could be set up any better. Everything from the chairs, tables, decor and... Read More