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Gman1 wrote a review about Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, NV

The Worst of the Big Rooms

Didn't like how much it was separated from the rest of the casino. The room has sort of a warehouse feel to it that I didn't like. The room was sort of blah with no real feel to it. Chairs were comfortable which is always a key feature of any room

Just played in a couple of tournaments while I was there and found some very good players. Played the 200 buy-in noon tournament twice and didn't fare all that well either time. Seems as if Caesars is more of a tournament room than a cash-game room and they do have very good tournament structures.

Slower than what they were at the Wynn or Venetian which was curious since I only played in tournaments at Caesars.

They were efficient, but not easy on the eyes to say the least. A class joint like Caesars should have MUCH better looking waitresses, but they really are the worst-looking waitresses on the strip. I know about the union thing and all that, but wow, get some better-looking women in there already.

I registered for the tournament about 10 minutes late the second day and was informed that I was the sixth alternate and that after six people were bumped I'd get a seat which didn't seem right. I then sat down with the other alternates to discover that there were 7 of us. I then looked at the floor and saw that there were four tables going with 2 empty seats!

The alternates then went to management and told them that we had enough for a table. They agreed and got a table going which took an eternity to set up. When we were finally set up we were able to play exactly 7 hands before they raised the blinds. None of us were very happy.

No idea.

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