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Beware the robbicon variant at this location. Symptoms include others' names put ahead of yours on the list after you have viewed the list, dealers dealing to there spouse with apparent permission of management.

Best room in Vancouver because it is the only room in Vancouver.

Crooked management from the top down.


  1. Qrap may be a compliment. Garbage pit focuses on doing as little as possible to avoid opening tables in the morning. Poker Manager is non existent entity made up by staff. You have better chance of seeing Bigfoot before you see a 'Poker Manager' in this room. Sad.

  2. @NonViolentGuy Well put. I watched the crooked pit train a new guy, the new guy giggled like a little girl on a merry-go-round when he learned how to move names from bottom to top of list. Would you trust any of the morning people to be competent or fair when you need a ruling in a hand involving their 'friend'???

  3. @MC NUMNUTS I just received notice from Bigfoot's lawyer that Bigfoot is not associated with nor resembles the alleged Parq 'poker manager'. As for the existence of said 'poker manager', the search continues. There remains no confirmed sighting.

  4. @MC NUMNUTS I got the same notification. So Bigfoot must b e real.

  5. @MC NUMNUTS As long as the woman masquerading as 'poker manager' remains this room with always be crooked.

    I hear Bigfoot runs a fair home game.....

  6. @MC NUMNUTS Today (April 2) is second weekend the other place is open all night. What was 3 NLH games is now a big fat Zero games. Well done little Napoleon guy, hope Roachie and Tek are proud.