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  1. PARQ is QRAP

    Beware the robbicon variant at this location. Symptoms include others' names put ahead of yours on the list after you have viewed the li...

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Too many rooms in this town have IHOPs running them. Incompetent ... Read More

Poor management

The guy writing before this review is only one of many to notice this room is crooked The lady with bird tats on... Read More

What happened?

How long is Yaz barred from Burnaby? The only time he plays here is when he gets the boot, especially with lil'... Read More

RIP Gino Odjick

The rock of this town's poker community has left for the spirit world. Gino was the only guy in the room (when he... Read More

Boss, the plane.....

That little turd from Fantasy Island is still morning supervisor. Stay away unless you want to be cheated in every... Read More

Woody"s Pub MNF

Great news everyone. If you hang out at Woody's for the football games you can buy drinks for the staff and get... Read More

That fella Tio

I think the day pit is Tio, he's the worst at running a room since the Gran villa got better with Denise. Some... Read More