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I would like to thank upper Management (Susanne) and the video viewing staff at Parq Casino Vancouver bc for complying with my request to look at what i believe was a shifty move made by a dealer that cost me all my chips. After the review management did the honorable thing and refunded my chips back to me. Most dealers at parq do a professional job and it is difficult for me to post this issue because they should not be painted with the same brush. However in all fairness to all the poker players who attend parq bc you have a right to fair play, so my suggestion to all you poker players is to watch very carefully as to what cards are supposed to be burned and what cards are coming of the deck... (Mistakes Happen) and if you see something please ask for a camera review. They don't make mistakes and the view if fairly.


  1. Gotta say kudos to you dude. Never in 15 years have I heard of management making things right let alone refunding your chips also. Current staffing is atrocious when it comes to supervisors, management has always backed the most incompetent (see day shift wed to sun), players are conditioned to expect to be screwed by staff.

    Again, congratulations.

  2. @MCThanks my friend for your feedback ?. We have to watch some dealers very very carefully NUMNUTS