Shocked at some of the unprofessional dealer

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This should not reflect the rest of the dealers because most are professional and courteous. However we had this dealer and she was very rude. I was trying to give her the benefit of the doubt considering the crowd on Friday December 30. I entered into a tournament which I do because I am a resident of Cherokee. The first cpl dealers were very nice and the game was running smoothly. I then spilled coffee on my shirt and the trash can being less than 3 feet away I stood up and tossed the cup actually never leaving the table because the trash was in such close proximity to the tabke..nonetheless this particular female dealer said I forfeited my hand for leaving the table which was upsetting because I was in the big blind at 400 chips and a 50 chip anie..this wasn't the only issue, she kept complaining I wasn't putting my bets close enough to her that she was gonna call a not bet if I didn't push my Vets closers. I am over 6 ft tall and in all my years of player ingredients never had I been told this by any dealers among the hundreds I have met in Vegas, New Orleans, Atlantic city,etc even my fellow players at the table was asking me what I did to upset her...I never met the woman so I couldn't answer the question. So this continued for some time and just before final break I accidentally bet out of turn. I understand there this was my mistake and she called the floor over. They suspended me for an entire orbit causing me to forfeit my blinds and antes which I thought to be more than extremely harsh especially sisnce this dealer seen fit that I should be bullied but her. As a minority myself I was baffled. I am Native American and she was African American. However when assessed the penalty she laughed and said that I had it coming. I thought this was an entertainment venues but even this caused other players to start bickering amongst each other for no apparent reason. The dealers we had before she arrived were pleasant and everyone was having fun and laughing and joking.. she changed the entire attitude of the table and the experience for each player. I feel that this was the worst experience I had in playing poker all over the United States and in other countries. Just hope you don't get this dealer.
Luckily I maintained my composer and ended up in the money which helped but I think that this lady could use a refresher course in customer service!!!!


  1. Maybe you should say where you were playing? Casino/