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  1. what is a shot clock please

    What is a shot clock please
  2. folding top set?

    Q910 flop; holding pocket queens. Check raised and it's obvious they've slipped the nuts. Are you ever folding top set? Knowing they've ...
  3. lf wsop room split

    Anyone interested, im a student at Texas Tech University and would like to play some cash games during wsop.
  4. Entrants

    How many ppl are typically at greektown on Saturdays for the 1130 tourney?
  5. Shocked at some of the unprofessional dealer

    This should not reflect the rest of the dealers because most are professional and courteous. However we had this dealer and she was very ...
  6. Best poker room shreveport Louisiana

    In yalls opinion which is the best poker room in shreveport Louisiana?

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Great place to play cash!

Great room for low to mid stakes. Good 1-3 game with a $500 cap and when on the right table the action is great. I... Read More

Best of the North west

No doubt about it, it is the best poker room in the state of Washington . Friendly employees,professional dealer,... Read More

Used to be a great room

This room used to be great. Great action and lots of games. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case... Many times... Read More

Five Card Hold Out

The Tulalip is hosting this awesome new 5-card poker game and it's so fun to play. It's just like 5-card draw but... Read More

Great Rec Play

Mostly retired guys who play sort of tight but it makes the money making ability fairly easy. Also easy to tell who... Read More

great first impression

Played for the first time. Comfortable environment great set up and beautiful tables and chips! Dealers were very... Read More

Muckleshoot is THE BEST

Best room manager RA and dealers are awesome ALIKA, KAI, Richard (#QFTF)and Stacey just to name a few. Coming here... Read More

Poker Room

Management has been known to make two different rules on the same situations during the same tournament. The TVs are... Read More

Average rating review...

Poor blind structure tournament - even with 20k chips, it's is rather steep. There aren't auto shufflers at all the... Read More